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Why doctors lose interest in working in villages? – Medico's Space

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Rural healthcare in India has been a real concern, still in 2017. Due to many reasons, government has failed to implement proper healthcare facility in most of the rural areas. Doctors always become the easy target whenever there is discussion about lack of healthcare facilities in rural India. Govt. and authorities quickly blames doctors that they don’t want to work in villages and bla bla. 
In india around 50000 doctors graduate every year and at least 30% are from rural areas themselves. The irony is even doctors originally from rural India doesn’t want to work in villages for long time, so there must be some reason why this is happening. Most Medical Officers either stop attending the PHC/CHC or leave the job altogether. 
After working in periphery for few months and talking to many doctors who are working and trying to work in villages i found out that many doctors are willing to work in villages and also start working there but due to a number of factors they lose interest in continue working in villages. The reasons are numerous but i tried to list a few most contributing.
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